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  • After Hours Emergency Information

    For after hours emergency care please contact:
    • MedVet: 614-846-5800  
    • OSU: 614-292-3551  
    • Capital Veterinary Referral  Emergency Center: 614-870-0480
  • General Information:

    As you obviously have discovered we are now on the web at

    This site provides general information on the facility and our services as well as provides a newsletter to keep you up to date on the latest happenings at our facility but also relevant animal care topics.
    Spring, summer and the holiday season are the busy times of the year. Remember to make all your appointments and reservations early, as we will fill up in all departments for most dates and times.
  • Grooming:

    Summer is a time of year when people tend to keep their pet's coats a little shorter.  Care should be taken at home to keep them brushed regularly.  Matting, and skin disease can result if their coats are not maintained.
    Our full time groomer, Jennifer Almond has celebrated her fifth year with us.   She has been doing a great job!! She is an experienced local groomer who works on all breeds of dogs and cats.  
  • Veterinary Hospital:

    The Animal Care Center at Cherry Way has several exciting announcements.

    We have now added an ultrasound to our offerings for diagnostic instruments!!  Dr. Fu has undertaken the time and training to spearhead our efforts in this area.

    For just over 2 years now we have been using a carbon dioxide surgical laser.  Drs. Halliday, Douglas, and Fu have all undergone both basic and advanced training in its use and have been incorporating it in all our surgeries.  Advantages of the laser include less swelling, pain and bleeding which can result in a faster recovery.

    Dr. Halliday has also received his laser certification from the Veterinary Surgical Laser Society, one of less than 20 veterinarians in the country to undergo this advanced training.

    Don' forget to keep you pets on monthly heartworm prevention year round.  Flea prevention should also be used at least April through November, and year round for those pets visiting other households and kennels.

    Cats too especially if they go outdoors, should be considered for monthly prevention.  Revolution is a good all-inclusive product for cats that spend time outdoors.  This product combines protection from heartworm, fleas and other internal and external parasites.
  • The Inn:

    The summer season is one of our busiest time of year, remember to make your reservations early, but please also remember and respect our cancellation policy.